Beckway Insights: Still Struggling to Hire? We’ve Cracked the Code on Hooking Top Talent

Despite the recent slowdown, reports show that 61% of Americans are eyeing new jobs. Even with over 6 million active job seekers, critical roles remain vacant, and talent is the key for enterprise performance. Unemployment’s holding at 3.9% overall, but just 2.7% in manufacturing and industrial services!

These rates are even lower in high skill fields like tech, engineering, and supply chain. We feel your pain sourcing top talent!

Beckway supports companies hook and keep “A-Players” fast. What’s our secret sauce? We utilize a proven step-by-step approach:

  • Finding where your talent pipeline is leaking
  • Assessing if your recruiting practices and team are up to snuff
  • Defining your “A Player” profile so you spot unicorns
  • Evaluating onboarding – does it set new hires up for success?
  • Benchmarking compensation and culture vs competitors
  • Implementing sourcing, screening, hiring, and retention processes that work
  • Training hiring managers to “wow” candidates
  • Tracking results religiously and tweaking strategies

See How We Helped Others Crush Their Hiring Challenges

The proof’s in the results. Here are some companies we helped transform hiring and retention:

  • Filled all key open managerial positions and reduced the number of open roles by 60% for a chemical manufacturer
  • Slashed hiring costs and reduced time to hire by 40% for an industrial goods distributor
  • Boosted full time employee ratio from 30% to 70% for a pet food manufacturer
  • Developed a mentor program to improve retention, trained 17 employees as mentors, and tracked mentee satisfaction at 91% for an industrial manufacturer

Our Mission: Help Companies Like Yours Win the War for Talent

The “Great Resignation” won’t vanish overnight. But we can help you build an exceptional talent brand, candidate experience, and hiring strategy so you attract and retain top-notch talent.

Let’s talk talent challenges and solutions! Contact our HR co-practice leads, Mike Bugaj and Keith Swenson, for more information.