Beckway Insights: Transform Your Business and Create Value with Beckway’s “Quick-Start”

Are you facing persistent challenges in your business or portfolio company? Do you see a disconnect between your investment goals and the actual results? Beckway has helped many clients bridge that gap. Our Quick-Start offering efficiently and effectively pinpoints and addresses operational issues, propelling the business towards increased revenue and profitability.

Introducing Quick-Start: Your Path to Enhanced Performance

Quick-Start isn’t just about boosting profitability; it’s a comprehensive proven approach to optimizing working capital and refining cash management practices. Our approach begins with a thorough analysis of your current data and historical business trends. This insight lays the groundwork for tailored strategies, which include in-depth interviews, benchmarking against industry standards, and organizational assessments. Executed by a small, yet highly skilled team, which leverages specialists across various functions and industries. Throughout the process, we work in close collaboration with you, ensuring seamless execution of strategies that yield tangible, lasting value.

Real Results: Quick-Start in Action

We recently partnered with a portfolio company grappling with stagnant growth, escalating costs, and working capital issues. Within just four months of implementing Quick-Start, the outcomes were remarkable:

  • Achieved $26M in annual cost savings, including $18M from headcount reductions and $8M in non-headcount expenses.
  • Improved working capital by $10M, alongside a 5-day reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), thanks to the implementation and automation of accounts receivable collection strategies.
  • Enabled the repatriation of $8M to the US by right-sizing global cash requirements.

Ready to Jumpstart Your Business?

Don’t let operational hurdles hold you back any longer. Contact Rahul Patel to discover how Beckway’s Quick-Start offering can transform your business.