Enterprise Solution Design

$120M Professional Services Company


  • The company provides business services and outsourced capabilities on five continents around the world to law firms, law departments, and compliance functions
  • Acquired several companies since its founding seven years ago, including the latest acquisition during this engagement


  • Identified quick wins executable in one quarter (i.e, implement NPS, Conduct workshops, Launch offshoring effort with 1 role, standup up pricing committee)
  • Scoped and quantified five key strategies to execute within 12 Months:
    • Productivity: Raise utilization levels to best in class
    • SG&A Optimization: Improved (reduced) spend in HR, Finance, technology and others to median industry levels
    • Commercial: Developed a go-to-market strategy that leads to increased cross-selling and incentive alignment
    • Global Delivery: Offshored delivery of BUs where the opportunity exists
    • Pricing: Systemization of pricing approvals and incorporation of engagement learnings to protect margin


  • Identified strategies to deliver 3x EBITDA within 12 months
  • Identified quick wins valued at one half turn of EBITDA
  • Provided a unified and aligned vision across the leadership teams
  • Post Implementation ROI projected to be 9.6x on EBITDA in 12 months