Interim Procurement Leadership

$550M Chemical Goods Manufacturer


  • The company is a leading specialty chemical goods company selling a wide variety of high-performance products that help professionals and prosumers clean, maintain and protect their assets
  • They offer customized chemical blending services to satisfy a wide variety of markets including non-food and beverage needs
  • The sanitizer market is projecting that the overall sales revenue for North America surface sanitizer is estimated to reach US $3B by the end of 2031


  • Coordinated with the aerosol suppliers to assist with their scheduling and planning to decrease the backorders while bringing new suppliers online to reduce the backlog
  • Completed an in-depth analysis on and rationalized high-cost materials that were single or sole sourced to mitigate the excessive costs and lead times
  • Assisted in hiring and training new employees and created an attractive work culture
  • Consolidated distribution to help reduce the numerous suppliers in the tail spend


  • Cost savings of $6.5M+ on an addressed chemical spend of $40M
  • Reduced the number of single sourced suppliers on 52 critical materials by providing offsets allowing the company to leverage cost reductions and additional supply that was previously constrained
  • Consolidated the supply base by 35 suppliers
  • Reduced the aerosol order backlog by over $4M