Interim VP of Operations

$200M Industrial Manufacturing Company


  • The company is a manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic and industrial fluid handling systems
  • They offer a range of products including industrial hose products, hydraulic hose products, and a variety of fittings and accessories
  • The company serves various industries including construction, environmental, hydraulic, manufacturing, oil and gas & energy, oilfield support, petrochemical, equipment & industrial supply, and defense


  • Streamlined inventory management
  • Developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for past due government orders, set up proactive alert systems, and instituted regular performance reviews
  • Initiated demand planning across business units with a focus on Houston and collaborated with key departments on the Sales and Operations Planning (SIOP) program
  • Analyzed Return Goods Authorization (RGA) trends, root cause analysis, and implementing proactive quality control measures to manage RGAs daily


  • Implemented the following: optimized production, inventory management, data analytics, advanced data integrity and training, initiated SIOP and quality management, and shop floor and safety improvements
  • Reduction in stockouts not on order by 56%
  • Reduced excess stock inventory by $1.3M
  • Reduced excess inventory on order by $1.5M
  • Reduced weekly purchases by location by 42%
  • Overall % stocked by location improved by 2.6% points
  • Variances decreased by 2.6% points