Consumer Products

With a keen understanding of consumer behavior and market trends, our experts collaborate closely with companies in a range of consumer product sectors, including retail, electronics, recreation, apparel, and more. From optimizing supply chain management to driving margin enhancement and customer satisfaction, Beckway offers strategic insights and innovative approaches to help businesses stay ahead of the curve, capitalize on emerging trends, and build lasting relationships with consumers.


Financial Operations Stabilization

Financial operations stabilization for a $250M spa manufacturer – Built up the accounting, finance and FP&A roles and created financial tools to run the business from day to day to annual budget.

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Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio optimization for a $90M CGP manufacturer – Found true profitability of customers and channels by building out pock margin by channel and customer.

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Interim Procurement Leadership

Interim procurement leadership for a $550M chemical goods manufacturer – Reduced the number of single sourced suppliers on 52 critical materials and reduced the aerosol order backlog by over $4M.

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