Curtis Hiller

Principal Software Engineer

Curtis is the Principal Software Engineer in the Tracking Technologies offering at Beckway. He is a full-stack engineer who has spent the last fifteen years leading teams and creating and maintaining engaging digital experiences across many different platforms. He has worked at nearly every scale from short-term native applications to billion-dollar-a-year e-commerce websites and has been responsible for every level of technology as well as design and delivery. His experience includes leading teams of 10+ engineers working on scalable enterprise applications as well as architecting and delivering solutions as a solo freelancer.

Curtis got his start writing software for cameras and other tools for the physics department at the University of Michigan before moving to Chicago where he worked in digital marketing, including founding the engineering team at a digital agency. He brings to Beckway subject matter expertise in technology leadership as well as several languages and systems, including a strong focus in front-end performance—a subject on which he has given numerous talks—and UX/functional design.

Curtis received a B.A. in Film Production and a B.F.A. in Photography from the University of Michigan.