Beckway Insights: A Necessary Re-Snapping of the Chalk Line

Today’s post-COVID, pre-recessionary, geopolitical minefield of a world represents a trying situation for virtually all companies. In fact, executives are increasingly speaking to us about three common situations:

  • Increased Complexity. With recent growth (COVID or otherwise) came complexities, resulting in reduced profitability; management desires clarity and focus, enabling a new growth curve.
  • Stalled Performance. Despite significant efforts in these times, management is frustrated with results; lots of activity and effort but they just can’t seem to get out of the rut.
  • Accelerating Underperformance. Experiencing high supply chain costs and difficult hiring environments, management wants an objective 3rd party to help reduce costs and prioritize opportunities.

Now is the perfect time for companies to re-snap the chalk line – meaning, to assess where they are, where they want to go and most importantly how to get there in the best way possible under difficult circumstances. Doing so necessitates an evaluation of the current challenges and new possibilities, along with a subsequent re-prioritization of the highest value-generating initiatives in today’s environment.

Time is of the essence. We’ve been suggesting an accelerated and pragmatic approach to that “re-snapping of the chalk line.” We call it QuickStart©. Beckway’s proprietary QuickStart process consist of the following important elements:

  • Self-Funding Start. QuickStart begins with efficiently accumulating and prioritizing internal and external expert thinking to create the best self-funded Clear Value Path to EBITDA growth, paying for itself within weeks.
  • Clear Value Path©. QuickStart results in a concise set of strategies and initiative details to achieve EBITDA growth during the remainder of the investment firm’s investment period. We call this Clear Value Path (CVP).
  • Active Program Leadership. QuickStart culminates in a process of quickly launching facilitating Clear Value Path execution. Our CVP Program Leaders work side-by-side with executives and managers to target, track and triage results to the bottom line.

We hope companies take this time, under these trying situations, to re-snap their chalk lines. We’d welcome helping you to efficiently and effectively get that done. Our QuickStart process typically takes less than 45 days, and it pays for itself. 45 days to a definitive and re-vitalized Clear Value Path being actively executed to achieve next level results, even in today’s environment.