Beckway Insights: Supply Chain Solutions

Most supply chains are challenged with lead time concerns, availability issues, and inflationary market spirals. While that can feel like a negative place to be, at Beckway, we see it as a land of opportunity. Why? Because we’re experts at identifying alternative and creative supply chain solutions.

Often, we come to those solutions through asking the right questions such as “If you could change this part, and time and money were not a factor, what would you do?” Or, “As experts in your field (whatever that may be), what is your engineering department looking at to drive costs down right now? Are any new materials being tested? Processes? Changes in TCO?” Or, “What other materials or processes can be used to make this item? What solutions are marketing finding to offset these woes?”

Beckway leverages feedback from suppliers’ resources and company engineering or operations resources to unlock savings, while often updating and renovating outdated products, making it a win/win.

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