DEI Education at Beckway

At Beckway’s latest offsite, Ashley Adams-Smith and U-Jin Lee spoke to the team about identity and culture and how they are much like an iceberg, meaning only a small portion of things that make up a person’s identity is visible or above the waterline, while most of what shapes us lies beneath the surface.

The firm was challenged to think of their own “iceberg,” reflecting on what aspects of us are visible to the world and what parts are below the metaphorical waterline. Some of the key takeaways of this presentation include:

• How we reflect on our cultural lenses overtly and covertly influence our norms, behaviors, assumptions, and expectations.
• Having a strong culture means going beyond the “surface” (observable behavior) and diving deep to understand values, beliefs, and experiences.
• Empathize, ask questions, seek understanding, be observant, actively listen and never assume!

Beckway is focused on building a culture where employees are empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work. We embrace each opportunity to learn more about diversity and equity so to further shape our inclusive environment!