With decades of experience with private equity firms and their portfolio companies, our Talent Finders work tirelessly and methodically to quickly recruit, develop, and retain the right resources for your needs. Not only do our Talent Finders have the deep networks essential to finding the best people; our proprietary, data-driven, technology, VectorMarks, gives us a measurable edge.

At Beckway Group, nothing is left to chance.

  • Executive Search: Not a Numbers Game
    Deleted: Many times, the road to success boils down to who’s in the driver’s seat. Our Talent Finders have spent years identifying the key characteristics for success, which we leverage to help you find your next C-Suite executive. We also know that each company’s needs are unique. That’s why we apply both macro- and micro-level competencies when conducting a search, whittling a pool of talent down to the one candidate who’s the right fit both “on paper” and in alignment with your firm’s core values.
  • Talent Network: An Alternative Approach
    The retained executive search route isn’t for everyone. In fact, Beckway Group created our Talent Network as an alternative to the traditional recruitment model. Comprised of experienced operators, our Talent Network allows us to hand-pick top-tier candidates from an extensive network, across geographies and industries, to fit your specific needs
  • Interim and Staff Augmentation: Proven Experience
    Talent Finders fill interim leadership positions and provide staff augmentation solutions in specialist service capacities, as well. Our Talent Finders work with Operating Partners to maintain a deep network of consultants and specialist professional services firms, helping us identify at a moment’s notice which candidates have the right experience, at the right cost, for your firm.​​​​​​


VectorMarks®, our proprietary tracking technology, ensures that every newly-engaged resource hits the ground running. VectorMarks® allows visibility into your 100-Day plan and, along with on-boarding support from our Operating Partners, can deliver an immediate impact to all of your initiatives.

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Executive Led Program: Optimizing Executives’ Value

Through our Executive Led Program, we partner with experienced and entrepreneurial CEOs of private equity backed firms who are currently available and/or considering their next “at bat.” Our role is to provide support by optimizing their value and prospects for success, moving them from a “big picture” idea to a tailored thesis with a well-researched business case.

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