Our operators support private equity firms and their portfolio companies in achieving improved operational performance and delivering better customer satisfaction and financial results through reduced capex and increased EBITDA. Our operational expertise encompasses performance of both asset light and asset heavy enterprises.

Operations Assessment & Turnaround

  • Production Assessment
  • Operational Assessment & Transformation

Operations Transaction Support

  • Operations Due Diligence
  • Stand-Ups/Integrations
  • Operational Carve-Out

Operations Excellence

  • Production planning & scheduling
  • Onshoring/Off-shoring
  • Operational Metrics
  • Production Capacity
  • Shop Floor/4 Walls

Maintenance & Reliability (M&R)

  • Maintenance Playbook
  • M&R Assessment
  • M&R Optimization

Interim Leadership

  • M&R Leader
  • Plant Manager
  • COO

Key Contacts

Toby Drummond

Toby Drummond

Partner, Practice Lead



Operations Transformation

Operations transformation for a $60M sportswear company – Resulted in $1.5M EBITDA savings along with improved reporting and metrics visibility for management team.

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Preventive Maintenance Implementation

Preventive maintenance implementation for a $150M manufacturing company – Established a preventive maintenance mindset and practices, trained the existing maintenance manager on new system, and uncovered potential risks to production.

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Operations Transformation

Operations transformation for a $125M marketing services company – Resulted in a 27% improvement in productivity, 69% reduction in spoilage, 47% reduction in missing start dates, 36% reduction in orders past customer approval dates, and a 15% improvement in schedule adherence.

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